Former Obama faith adviser Michael Wear blasted President Donald Trump’s son’s claim that his father “literally saved Christianity,” calling it blasphemous and just a ploy to get Christians to save the president’s re-election campaign. 

Wear, who directed faith outreach for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and is an adviser to a new Super PAC trying to convince voters that Trump is using religion “for his own purposes,” wrote in an op-ed published by USA Today that Trump’s “desperation is showing.”

He specifically touched on comments made by Eric Trump during a North Dakota radio interview last week in which he proclaimed that his dad “literally saved Christianity.” Eric Trump accuses the Democratic Party of becoming the party of atheists who want to attack Christianity and close churches, adding “there’s a full out war on faith in this country by the other side.”

“The truth is, Donald Trump can’t win without the overwhelming support of Christians — support he does not deserve,” the strategist explained in the piece. 

“Just days ago, Trump tweeted ‘Biden is against Oil, Guns and Religion.’ This is a ridiculous statement and it says everything about his approach to religion.”

Wear, founder of Public Square Strategies LLC and also a member of the executive team for nonprofit Christian civic engagement organization AND Campaign, contended that Trump’s “primary argument to Christians” is that “they must support him out of fear of the other side.”

“Like much of his presidency, his approach to Christians weakens rather than strengthens them,” Wear stated. “And he shows exactly how much he values faith when he lumps it alongside petroleum and firearms.”

The Obama adviser further noted that for Christians, “the position of Savior is already filled, and Jesus is one person Trump can’t fire or bully.”

“Yet, Trump supporters arguing that Christians must support him often want us to believe Joe Biden is responsible for every statement ever uttered by anyone on the political left, while they fail to hold Trump accountable for his own actions,” Wear continued. “Trump has evaded accountability for long enough.”

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